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N.H.S. New

The Towel New

Bed Time Prayer

Christmas Carols For The Disturbed

Me, David Beckham and John Prescott

A True Story

Knock On The Door

Fondling In Bed

Mississippi Gas Station

Minsk Cow


Picture It

The Dark Sucker Theory

Body Builder

Call Of Nature

Young Mary Murphy

New Lingerie

Old Father O'Malley

Noah's Ark

Ticket Dodgers

Skilled Worker

Dirty Words

Men Just Don't Listen


Getting Weighed

Sally and the Mobile Phone

Harley Davison

Beautiful Girl

Built-in Orderly Organized Knowlege

Knots and Ropes

3 Blondes Apply To Join BTP

Who's Penis Is It?

Stupid Quiz Answers

Jesus Visits Station Buffet

Flea On Vacation

Husbands Compliments

Solve The Riddle

The Texan With His Stetson

Girls Night Out

Cannibal In A Restaurant

Three Friends

The Experiment

Short Conversation with God

Got Any Bread?

Hull Flood Victim

Old Fingers

Catholic, Jewish Debate

I Hate The Bastards... (not a joke just a personal rant)

Guinness Book of Records. FEMALE version, British edition:

Viz 'Top Tips'

Advice For The Cerebrally Disadvantaged

Brand New Outfit

Rome's Blessing

Earthquake In Pakistan

Naughty Cursor

Two Topless Strippers (not for under sixteens use)

Mind Bending Pound

Doctor In New Foundland

Mastercard Wedding (True Story)

Statue infidelity

Shaggy the DJ

One for Lexophiles

I want a curry-ier

Office Lingo Rap

Brian Pops in the Buffet for a drink

Terrorist Alert Levels

Swiss Tourist Enters the Station Buffet

Tale of the Desert

Interactive Elmo Doll

Learning Classes For Men at the Station Buffet

Helicopter Ride

Five Shots Of Jack

Three Dead Bodies

Vampire Bat

Solve The Riddle

Personal Question

Mood Ring

New Secretary

That Reminds Me

4 Peopleon a Train

Pink Illusion

A New Riddle

Amazing Home Remedies

Unable To Perform

BBC Radio leicester Request

Love Doctor

Liver and cheese

Pedigree Diet

Three male Labrador Retrievers

Who'd be a Commentator?

Smart Ass Ansers 2006

Fun in the Kitchen

You Gotta Have Faith

Spell ACDC

UK Immigrant

Tesco Every Little Helps

Warning Sign On Station Platform

Camel Toe

Christmas is just to expensive

Funny Pictures 1

Funny Pictures 2

Funny Pictures 3

Funny Pictures 4

Funny Pictures 5

Monkey Tattoo

Too Smart

Taliban Dating Agency

Annoying Passengers

Advice For Today's Living

Words For Today's World

Gay/Lesbian Channel

Egg Head

Wailing Wall

Old Girlfriend

The English Language

Oh! that John Sadler

Which Airline

How Much?

Englishman, Irishman and Scotsman

Is There A Father Christmas

Nelson Mandela

Blonde's Year in Review

Business Man enters the Station Buffet

Chicago Hospital

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